Cooperman Enterprises Multi-Industry Holdings

Solutions for a New Generation

At Cooperman Enterprises we offer a wide variety of services from various industries. Navigate through our holdings to see what Cooperman Enterprises has to offer.  


CE Home

Cooperman Enterprises' flagship business. CE Home provides custom-tailored smart home solutions for consumers and businesses alike. Our business specializes in smart home installation and design for both industry newcomers and seasoned Internet of Things enthusiasts.   

CE Shop

CE Shop is an EBay-based storefront with a focus on recycled electronics and golden age comics. In addition to listing new acquisitions, CE Shop can help customers acquire hard-to-find items through various supplier channels. For further inquiries, contact us at

CE Research

The newest addition to our family, CE Research is a private research foundation that specializes pharmaceutical research and development. With a dedicated staff of passionate researchers, CE Research is currently investigating the antibiotic potential and oncological properties of various compounds.